Big and small mistakes in the goldfish farming business

The carp farming business is just like any other business that needs to go through a long process to reach the point of success. After reaching a point, entrepreneurs should not immediately be complacent because there are still obstacles that must be overcome, namely business continuity.

The sustainability of the gouramy fish farming business is in dire need of planning. However, not all cultivators had good planning. In fact, poor planning or only planning that is projected for the short term can have a negative impact. The following is an illustration of a wrong gouramy fish farming business plan.

1. Short term plan

Short-term business plans that are still often carried out are efforts to cultivate only to meet the needs of certain moments, such as New Year, Christmas, Lebaran, and others. The maintenance period for this business is relatively short, only 2-3 months. The size of the seeds that are stocked are usually large.

Generally, short-term plans are not planned well because things that must be planned are not included in the plan, such as observing the condition of the seeds to be sown. Freshly purchased seeds are not always in good condition, even if purchased from a trusted breeder. Unfavorable seed conditions of course can cause fish growth is not optimal, it can even die.

2. Medium term plan

The medium-term plan for carp farming is generally done as a semi-annual savings, such as for the needs of school children. Generally, maintenance lasts for 6-7 months. In fact, in intensive gouramy cultivation, the maximum maintenance time is 4 months in one maintenance period because when entering the 5th month, the risk of disease and death tends to be higher.

3. Long term plan

The long-term plan of the gouramy business is often used as an annual savings. Generally, cultivation is carried out to meet the consumption needs of gourami on Eid al-Fitr or Lebaran, Christmas, and New Year holidays. The seeds used are generally match-sized (10-15 grams) and the target weight of the fish harvested is more than 500 grams. Gouramy will be kept for a period of one year.

This plan is the same as the medium term which has a high risk of death and disease attack in the 5th month of maintenance.

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