Bright Prospects for Cricket Farmers

The prospect of crickets is quite tempting. This natural food is not only used as food for chirping birds and ornamental fish. Its high nutritional content makes crickets can be consumed by humans and processed into medicine.

1. Feed the babbling birds and ornamental fish

In Indonesia, crickets are only used as food for chirping birds, ornamental fish, and fishing bait. The need for crickets is increasing amid the increasing number of fans of chirping birds and ornamental fish. Moreover, at this time the contest of chirping birds and ornamental fish is growing. This has an impact on increasing the number of new fans of chirping birds and ornamental fish.

Crickets are very reliable to produce superior chirping birds and ornamental fish and can become champions. Even so, not only crickets are one of the keys to the success of ornamental fish or chirping birds.

2. Feed for livestock and cultivation

Crickets contain nutrients that are classified as super. Therefore, crickets are often processed into flour that can be used as a mixture of fish feed for consumption, such as gouramy, grouper, shrimp, catfish, catfish, and others.

In addition, cricket flour is also often used as a mixture of animal feed. For example chickens, ducks, goats, cows, pigs, and others. Cricket flour can be a source of protein for dairy goats and laying ducks that require high protein in their feed.

3. As food

Cricket meat contains the hormone progesterone 105.49 ppm, testosterone 31.78 ppm, and estrogen 259,535 ppm, and can be a source of energy with an energy content of 4.87 calories/gram. When crickets are processed into flour, the protein contained in them remains high, namely 57.32 percent. In addition, crickets also contain the amino acid DHA9 which is needed for the process of cell formation in all parts of the body.

The crickets taste like roasted peanuts. Currently crickets have been cultivated to health and safety standards for human consumers in the United States.

4. Medicines and cosmetics

The protein content in crickets can function as an antioxidant that can prevent blockage and narrowing of blood vessels. While the content of amino acids serves to maintain the elasticity of joints, bones, corneas, and skin cells and prevent aging and cataracts.

There are still many benefits of crickets for human health. All of these benefits are discussed in the book Profit Multiplied from Livestock Crickets. Of all these benefits, crickets have the opportunity to be used as raw materials for drugs and supplements.

For those of you who are interested in the bright prospects of crickets, you can learn how to raise crickets through the book Profit Multiplied from Livestock Crickets as a reference. This book reviews various interesting information ranging from prospects, how to raise livestock, to business analysis.

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