How to make good bird sounds

Everyone certainly hopes that the babbling bird can show off its chirping sound. Unfortunately, these desires are often not immediately realized easily. You need to take care of birds properly and correctly, especially at the beginning of maintenance.

So that the sound of birds chirping you have is good, do some initial treatment steps as below.

1. The physical condition of the bird is healthy

If you want to make the birds sing diligently and have quality complaints, it is better for the birds that have arrived home first to be returned to their physical condition. There are several ways to maintain bird health, including:

2. Hang the cage at the maximum height.

Place in a cool place away from distractions from the surrounding environment.

Especially for birds that eat wild, provide shelter in several cages so that the cage is bright. If available, bring the babbling bird closer to the female.

Give live food or fresh food, such as crickets or kroto.

Do not bathe the bird for several days until the bird looks fresh.

3. Turn off twitter before taming

If you buy wild feeders, they should be treated with care. Unfortunately, there are still many habits of bird hobbyists that are not quite right, such as placing the cage in a low place. The wilderness needs to be allowed to sing before being tamed.

If the bird is tamed first and hung in a low place, the quality of the birdsong will certainly be less than satisfactory. This is caused by the bird's mental disorders due to stress. If the bird is still a chick, its nature will continue to be pampered. Therefore, it is important to let the wild chirping goose loose and tame.

4. Voice operation

Many hobbyists are disappointed because after being kept for a long time the bird does not emit a loud and loose chirp. Sound operation aims to restore or improve the sound quality of the babbling of birds. How, by doing the correct maintenance procedures. This step needs to be done with a sincere will and patience in caring for the babbling bird.

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