Profitable Fish Cultivation Location

The location of cultivation can determine success because it is related to all cultivation business activities. Determining the location of fish farming must pay attention to several aspects, such as social and economic. The following are some of the characteristics of a socio-economically beneficial pool.

Road access has a very important role. If the location of the pond is a bit far from the public road, it is better to build a special road. The existence of good roads will facilitate transportation for the provision of building materials for the construction of ponds, transportation of production facilities during the maintenance period, and transportation of fish production later.

If road access is non-existent or poor, you will have to increase the cost of establishing the access. Otherwise, the required vehicle costs will be high, especially during the harvest season.

Good road conditions can also bring in business partners. They will be happy to visit your cultivation site. Therefore, road facilities are an important part that you must pay attention to from the start.

1. Guaranteed safety

The area that will be used as a place of business must be safe from all disturbances, both human disturbance and animals that prey on fish, such as sero (beaver), birds, or snakes. To maintain human-caused safety, you must be able to maintain contact with the community around the pool site.

2. Easy to get labor

Cultivation that is run can be a livelihood for local residents because it definitely requires skilled labor and transportation costs are not expensive.

3. Urban and industrial development

You must know the development plan of the central government or local government in the area to be selected. This is very important for the continuity of the business that will be undertaken. Do not let the business run and produce, but must be closed due to the expansion of the region or the establishment of a factory.

The pond to be built is a fish farming development area. This is intended to make it easier when marketing the harvest. In addition, it must also be noted that the fish commodities to be kept are types of fish that are very popular with the surrounding community, such as Tawes, catfish, gourami, tilapia, pomfret, and so on.

4. Close to home

Fisheries business needs to be controlled regularly every day, from morning to night. Therefore, to facilitate business supervision, the location of the pool must be close to the house. Supervision is very important, especially during the rainy season when waterways or rivers overflow. Lack of supervision will result in considerable losses.

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