2 Months Catfish Harvesting Strategy in Tarpaulin Pond

Cultivation of catfish in tarpaulin ponds is in great demand because it is considered practical and does not require large capital.

Until now, catfish farming is still a business with promising opportunities because it is easy to maintain and has economic value. Although catfish are known as strong fish, you still need to provide proper care so that fish growth is more controlled so that catfish harvests can be faster.

The growth of catfish depends on how you care for them. The longer the harvest time, the longer the capital turnover. Therefore, there are many advantages that you can get from raising catfish properly. Here are some strategies you can do.

1. Prevent dead seeds

One of the problems often experienced by cultivators who use tarpaulin ponds is the high mortality rate of seeds. Seed mortality can be caused because the newly created tarpaulin pond still emits an odor that pollutes and poisons the seeds. Therefore, you need to make sure the tarpaulin pool that will be used is really clean. The odor can be removed by washing.

Before the seeds are stocked, the pond that has been filled with water is given papaya/ketapang leaves, then allowed to stand for 3-4 days. After that, discard the water, then replace it with new water. Next, the seeds can be sown.

2. Water conditions decrease after rain

Rain that enters the pool can cause changes in the quality of the pool water. These conditions usually cause the pH of pond water to decrease to become more acidic and cause catfish fry to die. This condition can be overcome by giving dolomite lime as much as 100-200 grams/m2 when the water pH is low.

3. Using probiotics

Catfish are known as voracious fish so their food needs often swell. This condition can be controlled by giving probiotics according to the dose. Probiotics are useful for accelerating growth, reducing the amount of feed used, and reducing fish mortality.

Pellet feed contains protein as much as 28-30 percent. Feed is given as much as 2-3 percent of the weight of the fish. The frequency of feeding is about 2-3 times a day.

Feed should be given little by little repeatedly. Feeding too much can cause the catfish's stomach to swell and burst due to the voracious nature of the fish.

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