The Importance of Feeding Catfish With an Open Mouth

Feed is an important requirement that must be prepared every day.

However, this gift cannot be done arbitrarily. There are many considerations you need to take into account in order for your feed to function properly.

One thing to note is the size of the feed. Catfish feed must be adjusted to the age and mouth opening of the catfish.

The size of catfish feed needs to be given gradually according to the development of the mouth opening. The larger the size of the fish, the larger the size of the mouth opening so that the feed given is getting bigger in diameter.

Book launch Learning from Catfish Business Failure, Fajar, a catfish farmer in Cibinong, has experience in opening catfish mouths.

Fajar tried to find cheap feed, but the size of the feed did not match the catfish's mouth opening.

At that time, Fajar bought sinking feed for Rp. 5,000/kg. While the catfish seeds that are stocked are 7-8 cm in size, but are fed at least 12-13 cm in size.

Automatic catfish seeds cannot eat feed and make feed rot at the bottom of the pond. Decomposing feed causes poor water quality and eventually many fish die.

Death was also unknown at first. After Fajar descended into the pond, he found many dead fish. The number of fish that can be saved is less than half.

Learning from Fajar's experience, feed is an important key in catfish cultivation, especially when viewed from the size of the catfish.

For example, for fish measuring 7-8 cm, initially fed with a diameter of 2 mm. After three weeks, usually the feed size is changed to 3 mm.

Feed used for rearing contains at least 30 percent protein for optimal growth.

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